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Blockchain Application Testing

To secure, store and manage digital identity and data, organizations across the globe are looking for a secure platform that protects their data which is spread across multiple providers. Blockchain is the solution!

Blockchain is often discussed in financial services and cryptocurrencies, but this technology offers a broader range of potential applications. The use case of Blockchain technology is picking up pace in various industries and segments. A recent World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2025, 10% of Global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is stored on Blockchains or Blockchain-based technology. This means, Blockchain technology is probably something that every business should leverage.

Blockchain collects data into Blocks, and Chains the data together using cryptography, enhancing the data security. The basics of Blockchain are explained below

Blockchain Application Testing


Banking or bitcoin is just the beginning for Blockchains. In the future, Blockchains that manage and verify online data could enable to launch companies that entirely run their businesses through algorithms and automation, such as making self-driving cars safer, helping protect digital identities and even track billions of devices on Internet of Things (IoT). These technology innovations will help change lives in big ways, and it’s all just beginning. Here are some major potential use cases across the various industries that Blockchain could transform.


  • Cross-border payments
  • Share trading
  • Commercial transactions automation


  • Claims process automation
  • Fraud detection
  • Client onboarding


  • Patient records and medical verification
  • Auto claim processing
  • Cryptocurrency for patient payment


  • Inventory management
  • Product traceability and accuracy
  • Documenta / contracts digitalization


  • Product Provenance
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Consumer data and privacy


  • Anti-piracy / copy rights management
  • Transportation
  • Bitcoin Payment


  • Call detail record(CDR)
  • Network access control
  • Mobile wallets and monday

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Challenges In Testing Blockchain-Based Applications

Validating and verifying the adoption of Blockchain technology comes with a number of inherent challenges because there is a significant change in the technology itself. In addition to standard testing and validation such as Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and Integration Testing, testing teams also need Specialized Testing Capabilities, such as Smart Contract Testing and Peer/Node Testing. Common challenges seen in testing Blockchain applications include:

  • Lack of Best Practices

    Lack of skills or experience in developing Blockchain applications is one of the biggest challenges in the Blockchain space. Learning additional skills or understanding the best practices to implement Blockchain applications are pricey.

  • Lack of Blockchain Testing Tools

    Implementing Blockchain is all about tools, especially when it comes to testing Blockchain-based applications/products. If you don’t have the right set of tools, you are likely to fail. Testing Blockchain applications requires a mixed toolset which comes with a focus on Bitcoin, and a range of Etherium tools.

  • Lack of Standardization in Blockchain Testing

    Not just technical expertise, having legal expertise is also crucial for Blockchain adoption. Developers without a strong ability to conceptualize, standardize and abstract complex concepts in Blockchain lead to a number of issues in the Blockchain space.

  • Sub-optimal Test Strategy

    Testing is given less significance over programming, resulting in developing a Blockchain application development environment with less or no dedicated testers to explore and evaluate Blockchain product. The testing strategy that is being implemented is sub-optimal leads to an inefficient testing of Blockchain application, which is either tested repeatedly or not at all.

  • Transactions are Irreversible

    Implementing Blockchain without the utmost care as a regular wallet carries a high asset risk to organizations or users. This is because Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Not having controls in place to avoid redundancy and provide additional safety is the biggest challenge seen in this space.

  • Block and Chain Size

    Along with standard testing, tools and the best practices in place, testing for block size and chain size are also essential. Without proper validation of block size and chain size leads to failure of Blockchain applications.

  • Performance and Load

    Failing to test for performance and load testing gives little or no insight into how the Blockchain application performs in both production as well as under specific workloads and network conditions.

  • Consistency/Availability

    In Blockchain applications, Bitcoin, consistency is not achieved simultaneously with Availability and Partition Tolerance. Shifting to strong consistency often comes with a range of challenges.

  • Security

    Lack of security testing leads to developing Blockchain applications that are vulnerable to attacks at network level, user level and mining level.




TestingXperts follows the below proven approach to address Blockchain challenges and uses specialized testing capabilities for successful Blockchain application testing.

Approach for blockchain


TestingXperts Differentiators

  • Blockchain Process Assurance

    The key to successfully adopting a Blockchain technology is based on a well-balanced approach/plan to implement the design and validation of Blockchain.

  • Robust Blockchain Testing Strategy

    We consider the full test strategy plan involving Use Cases Map, Test Execution and Result Verification as well as methodology to conduct standard and specialized testing of your Blockchain applications.

  • Insight Utilization

    We use extensive reports, metrics and insights that help in making better decisions for release.

  • Excellent Knowledge

    Our testers with highly specialized skills of Blockchain testing ensure an effective Blockchain process for quality assurance.

  • Domain Experience

    TestingXperts’ QA engineers have worked on business processes in various domains of Blockchain applications that most development teams lack.

  • Risk-Based Testing

    From pre-release simulation in the Smart Contract Testing to the fundamental QA support of the core Functional Testing, we involve test engineers on each project stage to mitigate the risks and lower the client’s TCO.

  • Understanding Testing Tools

    Our experts have worked with an extensive range of tools and testing frameworks, such as ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Etherium tools, Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan, Populus, Ethereum Tester, BitcoinJ, Truffle, Embark, IBM hyperledger and more to help clients achieve business objectives and TCO savings on testing their Blockchain applications.

  • Improved Time-to-market

    We also test cryptographic data, digital data transmission and more. We leverage our ready-to-deploy test automation framework, Tx-Automate to achieve a minimum of 20% improved time-to-market.

At TestingXperts, we strongly believe in adopting newer methodologies, blending with business objectives, and working in an agile environment to drive quality at speed. We can help you with all your Blockchain-based application related testing needs. Fill your details at contact us page, our experts will get back to you soon!