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AI Testing Services

Organizations have tried to speed up and optimize software testing processes with continuous releases of high-quality software but with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions, testing has become more challenging due to the complexity involved in testing AI systems. According to a research report, it is expected that by 2025, the value of the AI market is said to surpass US $100B.

Specifically, AI- based systems testing is essentially difficult as different input and output combinations that are fed to the system should be tested which is more towards a non-deterministic approach. Moreover, as the world is increasingly moving towards increased adoption of AI-powered smart applications, there is every need for end-to-end AI systems testing to ensure fully functional and high-performing AI systems. Hence, in order to ensure effective AI testing, TestingXperts follows an effective, and comprehensive testing strategy for testing AI systems.

Policy Administration- testing services
A/B testing

Classic AB Test, Split tests, and MVT to compare variations of features

Third-Party Administration
API testing

Understand API endpoints between UI, NLP, and data store

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence
Non-functional testing

Non-functional requirements like performance, security, usability, and accessibility

Underwriting Modules
Input Data testing

Different kinds of input values to test expected and unexpected behavior

Risk Management
UX testing

Perform interoperability testing with multiple devices. Perform user experience and accessibility testing

Quality Kiosks
ML testing

Spoon-feed the AI with specific data to test the change in its behavior

Claims Management (Triage & Assignment)
Voice and NLP text testing

Provide user input in the form of voice or text. Verify its capabilities to process intent and respond with the appropriate utterances

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Tx-SmarTest – AI-enabled comprehensive platform

We have an in-house Tx-SmarTest (an AI-enabled comprehensive platform) that systematically caters to faster releases enabled with DevOps CI/CD implementation. This platform significantly helps to boost the software quality through production which is enabled by combining AI, ML, Deep Learning and Neural network algorithms.

TestingXperts Exclusive AI Bots Testing Process Overview

We also have a dedicated team of AI testers to perform testing of any type of AI based bots. Though there are certain challenges with testing of AI bots such as difficulty with domain specific validations, uncertainty over user conversations, performance issues with solicitations, BOT security being compromised in some, ensuring multi-channel user experience, etc. But, our AI testing experts perform effective Voice and NLP text testing, API testing, UX testing DB testing to deliver a fully-functional AI bot that is ready for functioning on its own by taking inputs from users.

Our Approach for Testing AI Bots

Voice and NLP Text testing
API testing
UX testing
DB testing

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Case Studies



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Business Benefits with our AI Testing of Complex AI Apps

  • Shortens the time to run a test and quickly finds any possible defects
  • Ensures the entire testing process becomes more efficient
  • Helps QA teams to be not overloaded with work while testing large volumes of data
  • Produces test results very fast
  • AI testing helps to be a smart assistant in running numerous repetitive tasks most efficiently
  • Helps to increase testing productivity through powerful reports, metrics and delivers real-time insights
  • Helps to reduce time-consuming manual testing so teams can focus on other complex tasks or creating innovative new features
  • Helps to free human resources to perform more creative work in testing

TestingXperts Differentiators with respect to AI Testing

  • Strong experience in major tools to focus on Intelligent automated continuous testing
  • 30+ Person Years of experience in using various tools for providing Intelligent Automation Solution
  • Extensive experience in enabling CI/CD pipeline using industry tools – based on Tx-DevOps accelerator
  • 100+ Test consultants for next-gen tools
  • Global delivery team for project execution and availability in USA, UK & India
  • Expertise in using AI in Test Automation with partner tools and in-house accelerators